Thursday, 18 February 2010

Continuation of yesterday's posting

Blogger is a bit slow tonight and it has taken ages to get the photos onto my blog but patience won in the end.  These are the Tree atc's from Susan Monk, Liz Counsell and Pat Freeth and the Monochrome atcs from Pat, Marina Warner and Becky Vigor.   Becky tells me that her atc is a Collagraph and you can print from it. 

I'm not really sure what a Collagraph is but it's a very interesting texture.  Maybe one day I'll give printing with it a go.

At long last though I have finished my 'Puzzle' quilt.   The challenge on 3 Creative Studios is a bi-monthly one.  Every two months you are given a word and left to your own devices to interpret the word in a quilt.  As I said January/February word was 'Puzzle' and I spent most of January just thinking about what I wanted to do.  My thoughts ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous, from tangrams to tetrus.  I considered those metal Chinese puzzles, mazes even Escher but finally settled on the ubiquitous jigsaw.  So here it is my 70's wallpaper jigsaw quilt (which I've now made into a quilted cushion cover).

I can't remember when I bought the pack of co-ordinating fabrics but they've been hanging about for a while as they always reminded me of 70's wallpaper, particularly the deep pink and brown one.   When we first married we had wallpaper very similar to the jigsaw piece three up from the bottom and three in from the left.  Only our wallpaper was brown and cream which we thought was the height of fashion  Anyone else remember those papers?

One other project I've completed after having it hanging around for at least two years is:

Socks knitted on four needles, I think there may have been five needles at one point but they have been hanging around for so long I think one has been taken by the Borrowers!!

I was going to show you the Markal stick pieces I played with on Monday but I've put them down somewhere and can't find them.  I seem to be having a lot of senior moments these days.  I put it down the weather.