Thursday, 5 August 2010

Blog comments

Not sure whether other bloggers get comments in a foreign language but if so do they know how to translate them.  I'd be grateful if someone would tell me how to interpret the ones I get as I'm not sure whether they are good, bad or indifferent and its frustrating.

Jan's rose is in full bloom and smells as good as it looks.  Don't know what its called we dug it up from her garden when she went into care and the house had to be sold.   I thought it had died because we moved it at the wrong time and last year it got moved again when Keith got his new shed.  This year however all is well.

I've now had time to play with my lino cutting tools and actually finished the first lesson and made a start on the second.  
This was the first lesson where we just made marks on the lino.  I found it really difficult to make circles but have now got a new cutter so hope this will make it easier next time.

My printing still leaves a lot to be desired the silver leaf is very blotchy.  The - wait for it... "artists monogram" well that's what Dijanne Chevaal calls it is also a bit blotchy but I'm sure I'll do better next time.  I tried using acrylic paints to transfer the stamped images to fabric but not all of them were successful.  I found the screen printing inks I had worked better.

I saw this link on Elizabeth Creates blog and thought It looked the sort of thing I could do while watching tv or travelling so I set off to make the basic pillows.   I actually finished one but I'm not comfortable with unfinished seams, guess its being brought up with a grandmother who liked the back of things to be as good as the front.  I haven't really learned to loosen up so my pillows have all the seams inside the pillows.
I'm going to do some quilting on them, perhaps embroider the odd flower etc then think of how I'm going to join them.  I like the idea of an art journal cover and will probably make a few signatures to include within the covers.   Watch this space.


Julie said...

Just been catching up Annette. I'm glad the rose has survived, it looks a beautiful one. I'm in awe of your book purchases especially Art Cloth, I'm hoping it will be available at Festival of Quilts.

I love the cushions in your earlier post, they would brighten any room.

I think your 'foreign' comments are probably Spam, trying to get you to go to selling sites or other unsafe sites. It might be an idea to set up word verification if you don't already have it.

Anonymous said...


downunderdale said...

Annette - I think a lot of the foreign comments are from a frustrated sex worker - if you click on the dotted line you will see what I mean - you can delete the comments for ever - that is what I have to do - cheers