Monday, 20 September 2010

Catch up

The last month seems to have been one round of parties and I've come to a full stop hence the quiet time.  But.... I'mback in action and have made a couple of postcards for various swaps.

Block of the month for August was an open round my postcard is a sort of strange Drunkards Path,   My S for September BOM postcard was Seminole work which I sent off without photographing.  Visualise it, it was vivid purple, lime green and orange - hows that for needing sunglasses.

My 'Bridges' postcards gave me more problems than I thought they would.  First I needed to choose a bridge.  I had them in abundance but which one would it be and how would I depict it, hmm.

The lefthand side one was a modern bridge over the Manchester Ship canal and yes there are people absailing down it.  The right had one an old bridge, one to be found in Leeds Castle, Kent.  I thought I'd play with photoshop so:
Both were made using adjustment layers and gradient layers.  I've been spending a lot of time playing recently just to remind myself what they all do.  A few years back I was reasonably proficient with layers, masks etc but I haven't kept it up and I found I'd forgotten a lot.  There are loads of free tutorials out there on the web if anyone is interested.
I liked the old bridge treatment but thought it would require more time to do six cards than I had on hand so I stuck to the new bridge.   By reversing the colours it made the bridge look as though it was lit up at night.  I wanted to emphasize the bridge structure.   I stitched out the the design outline then using a thick glitzy thread in the bobbin couched it down sewing on the wrong side of the cards.   Naturally I ran out of thick thread halfway through the last card but as that was going to be mine it didn't really matter.

So far I've received these three bridges from the BQLPC monthly postcard challenge.  The single one is from Pauline and the two together are from Janet and Avril.  Avril's is a 'wobbly' bridge over a Welsh stream and Janet's of the Ironbridge.  All very different.
This Autumn Quiltie, which I've posted upside down!! is from Maryke Op den Camp of the Netherlands, sorry Maryke I hadn't noticed until I'd uploaded it.  I promise the blood won't run to the squirrel's head.

My dear old 1630 needs a light change, its getting dimmer and dimmer so its off to Edinburgh tomorrow for an MOT since it must be about 5 or 6 years since it had one.   At least I think the light is getting dimmer not sure whether its not because the light on the 830 is so good.  Anyway it has given us an excuse for a couple of days away and a visit to the Edinburgh Playhouse to see Chess the Musical.  So will post again in a few days.   In the meantime I need to add something to my Autumn quiltie, it was finished but you know how it is, you look at it and think .... it needs something ... so until I decide what it stays here.


Julie said...

I thought you had an acrobatic squirrel there ;)

I've been playing with Photoshop too. Could you point me in the direction of any tutorials? I've got a couple of books and Linda Matthews' tutorials are easy to follow but everything is a help.

Enjoy your time in Edinburgh :)

Jean Lennon said...

love your bridge cards yes I have a trial photoshop but dont seem to find the time its all so tec.