Thursday, 23 December 2010

Done nothing for the last couple of weeks

The reason for my inactivity is I've been quite ill in bed for over a week.  New meds for diabetes really messed me up and after several hospital/GP visits I'm finally on the med (minus the new meds).  The medication (new to me but one in general use) severely irritated the whole of my digestive system that it was thought I'd developed Crohnes disease (just what I wanted before Xmas!!).  Hopefully I should feel much better before we go to Ireland on Wednesday.  The only place I thought I was going was the hospital!!!
As a consequence I've done very little sewing but will make an effort once we get back from Ireland.  Been all over the world but never been to Ireland so really looking forward going.

Buster isn't keen on the Christmas tree, the twinkling lights keep waking him up but tomorrow I hope to feel fit enough to bake him a batch of biscuits to cheer him up.   I bought a special bone shaped cutter just for him.  Off to bed now to do some further recuperating and to be nearer the smallest room!!!


Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I hope that you soon feel much better and able to enjoy your trip to Ireland.

Julie said...

Oh Annette, how miserable for you! I do hope you'll soon feel much better. Enjoy your trip to Ireland, I have been lots of times and it is a beautiful country with lovely people. Merry Christmas and get well soon. xx