Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy New Year and what is 2011 going to bring

We spent New Year in Southern Ireland, at one point I wasn't sure whether I would feel well enough to go but I was and did.   In one respect its a pity my first visit was at this time of the year.   You know how it is, after the snow comes the muck and unfortunately that's what we saw - the detrius of weather.   It's the sleeping time of year where life is under the surface leaving the surface a bit dreary and that's what we saw.  Having said that the hotel was lovely, the food was great and plentiful and the people were lovely, friendly and warm in their welcome.  Perhaps we'll go again when the sun shines.

This is our holiday hotel, the Eccles in Glengarriff in South West Cork.

The view of Bantry Bay from our hotel window

There were plenty of birds to be seen on the seashore.

We thought we might go and have a look round the village one morning so we started from the dead centre.

We soon found our directions

to the nearest point of interest

On the way back we were fascinated watching the fishermen putting one of their boats into the water.   It had to be lifted off dry land and over the blue boat.

I should tell you that Santa brought me a new camera a Fuji T300 XTR with a much bigger zoom than my panasonic.   Only problem came when I tried to upload my photos but I've solved that now and tomorrow I'll post some more photos of our holiday.


Angelcat said...

Looks like you had a really nice trip. I love your photos of the birds and the one with the red fishing boat.

Lynne said...

Despite the winter it still looks like somewhere I would like to visit one day. Great photos, especially the birds.

Julie said...

You must go back when the weather is better, Glengarrif is a beautiful place and from there you can get a boat across to the island (Inish something or other that I can't remember) and walk round the lovely gardens. There are seals basking on the rocks in summer too. I drove my mum round this area in 1997 in July and it was beautiful. The Beara Peninsula is rugged but so beautiful and the skies are fantastic. (Can you tell I love this part of Ireland?) I'm glad you managed to go and enjoyed the wonderful Irish hospitality.