Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A few more Irish photos

I can hear you saying "that's not an Irish photo" but Buster was born in Ireland so I think it counts.   Buster watching cats on the telly.

We were surprised at the number of yellow houses until we were told they were painted the 'papal yellow' for the pope's visit.  We found one that wasn't yellow though.

New Years day we went for a tour of the Beara Pennisula via the mountain road.  This is the County Cork side.

Viewing platform at the top

And down the other side into County Kerry.  I'm sure its beautiful in the sun.

We stopped off at the Leprechaun Inn for a drink on the way back.

Keith wanted to take the beer pump home but the driver said he couldn't as everyone would want one and there wasn't room.

I bet you think I haven't done any sewing recently, well you'd be almost right but not completely.  I did take some to do while on the ferry.  Three and a half hours is a long time with nothing to play with.  Tomorrow I'll show you what I did.

One thing I have done though is join the mug rug swap on the Quilting Gallery its open until 18th January if anyone wants to join in.

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McIrish Annie said...

I've signed up for the Mug swap also! Haven't done a swap in a long time so thought it was time. Jealous that you spent New Years in Ireland. The photos are wonderful!