Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Well I've done it now

I've signed up for the Sketchbook Challenge, see button on sidebar for details.  I keep a journal when travelling, mainly because I forget where we've been and seen unless I write it down.  I also try to do a bit of art journaling but not very successfully.  Each year I tell myself I WILL keep a sketchbook, I used to when I was doing C&G but then got out of the habit. I can't draw two sides of a bottle the same shape but I thought have a go, what have I to loose but my dignity and I don't have much of that.  I have done several pages and none of them are very good.  I started by spray dyeing the pages with Arondack Colour Wash, some pages were sprayed over templates others just to take the blank look off them. 
 I've also received a bumper crop of postcards today, the first two are the 'Handstitched' theme cards from Surface Design.
 Love this simple card from Francoise who says her unkempt garden was her inspiration.
 Dayle who is new to the group, made this simple but striking card by embellishing the background fabric.
 The last two are 'New Beginnings' the one above is from Helen in Hume and is of Janus, RomanGod of doorways new New Starts, very apt.  Helen has printed it onto tshirt fabric I think and added sequins in different shapes.

This last card is from Jan Simmons who said that the Koru is a traditional Maori design which represents the fern frond.  As the fern frond opens it brings new life and purity to the world.  Jan has felted the 'fern' onto a printed/stamped background.

Our house is a pigsty at the moment as Keith has filled it with wire, plugs and all sorts of different electrical bits and bobs.  For tomorrow Keith and his friend are putting a permanent electricy supply to his 'shed' rather than running an extension which is what he has been doing. I think tomorrow I might go into town out of the way.

Been watching some qilting videos on Ebony Love's web site.  Ebony uses the Accuquilt Go cutters in her quiltmaking and has several showing how to use them, her site is well worth a visit though for everyone interested in quilting.  Her blog is also very enjoyable and can be found here.

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Quilthaze said...

Your sketchbook page looks very good to me! Love the postcards too.