Wednesday, 12 January 2011

What I did on holiday

What I did on holiday....
I was taking part in a 'handstitched' swap on Surface Design so took fabric to do the middle bits on these three above.  The top one is based on buttonhole stitch, the reddish one on the left is based on cast-on stitch and the one on the right bullion knots.

Did I tell you we had a name change while in Ireland?  Well the locals called us Han-nut and Keet and after a while everyone was calling us that.  Now we're back home we back to Annette and Keith though. 

Bought a small heater today for my workroom.  There is a radiator in the room but the low temperatures we've been having recently it was too cold to work in the room.   Now I have the extra heating the temperature has risen to 11C.  Mind I can't blame the cold for my lack of creativity, my creative fairy must not have liked the cold either for I've done absolutely nothing for days now.   Tomorrow though I've freed up almost a whole day to play so we'll have to see what happens.

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