Thursday, 13 January 2011

Block 7 of SHRR

I received two postcards this morning, the first 'Handstitched' from Pauline and the second 'New Beginnings from Liz.  My 'Handstitched went out yesterday but I have yet to finish my 'New Beginnings'.

One thing I have finished is Block 7 of Kate North's 'Stay at Home Round Robin'  It's not quite to Kates stated dimensions and I hope she forgives me for that.  We had to make three blocks, two 5" x 5" and one 5" x 6".   All three of mine are 5"x6".  That is due to the fact that my quilt top is slightly out and would have needed drastic trimming to fit the given sizes.   I think this is the last block and further instructions will be given for quilting/embellishing etc next month.  I look forward to seeing what Kate has in mind.
We were sick of being in the house today and I fanced a trip to my 'local' quilt shop to see what was new.  The trip takes us close to the North York Moors.  Today even though everything was sort of colourless green/brown they still give me a lift.
These are actually the Hambleton Hills on the outer edge of the moors.

I love the trees at this time of the year.  The leaves may have all gone but now you can see how beautiful the tree skelton is.   Again a backdrop of the moors but this time nearer the Cleveland Hills.

A well know spot on the NY Moors is Roseberry Topping just outside of Guisborough where my quilt shop is situated.  Every time we go past the colours are different.  Joe Cornish, a local photographer has some absolutely stunning photos of Roseberry Topping, I just wish mine came within a hairs breath of his.

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Quilter Kathy said...

LOVE your SAHR! I'm quite behind at the moment, but hope to catch up to you soon :)
Great job!