Sunday, 16 January 2011

BQLPC Postcards

Keith went off to his woodworking club on Saturday and came back with a large pizza cutter.  He actually only made the handle but we  don't eat pizza very often so I'll have to buy one so we can use it.  While he was out I made a start on the January swaps I'd put my name down for on BQLPC.  

 Music is the first swap with BQLPC I used a machine embroidery pattern of a bookmark and turned it into am embroidered tile for the middle of the card.  Not a lot of skill really but it took ages to sew out and by the time I'd done three I wish I'd done something else.  My brother used to sing in the church choir and I remember going to hear him sing a solo once, it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.  He still sings with a group but its R&B now.
 My second and last swap this month was again with BQLPC with a theme of New Beginnings.  My interpretation is the 'Race' for a new beginning with the smallest and largest cells in the human body.  On the  address side I've put a clipart of a baby to indicate that the race was won and a 'new beginning' has begun. I cut a circle, bonded it then quilted it, cut out sperm cell heads appliqued them down then using a zigzag stitch made their tails.
Alice Gray's interpretation of 'new beginnings' is this rather fetching bulb.  Alice has painted the centre and round the sides are embroidered the word 'Spring'. 
The Winter themed swap on Surface Design Yahoo Group also brought lots of different interpretations.  This snow globe was made by Sue Cox.  Inside the globe are a pair of ice skates and clear crystal beads turning the globe into a shaker card.

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