Sunday, 17 July 2011

Catching up with my postcards

Last Sunday Keith asked me if we were ever going to decorate the kitchen, it was already two years behind schedule.  I was a bit miffed and said yes today.  I should have kept my mouth shut because he took me at my word and started boxing up the kitchen ready to decorate.  We live in a very small house and the kitchen is the worst room to clear out so for the past week its been a struggle to get to the front door.  When I did this pile of goodies awaited me from the BQLPC and Surface Design groups

Deb Cragan's Textured PC card represents Winter Crops.  Deb has used ribbons, coloured lace and sari wrap to give a kaleiderscope of colours.

 Maria Davis has layered painted fabrics, sheers, stamps together with flowers for her Textured Landscape.
 The 'Painted Landscape' swap is one from the Surface Design group and both Sonya Anderson and Becky Aranyi have used similar techniques and colours of layered, stamped and painted surfaces.

Food, we all have our favourites, Rosemary likes coffee, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, while Jacquie craves summer fruits of strawberries, raspberries and cherries.

Michelle Cooper sent a late 'Summer' card but it was well worth waiting for.  She calls it her Kentish Summer but its one that is repeated all over the world.  Poppies, Rapeseed, green fields of crops  shown against a summer sky.

I've been following Margaret Ramsay's (otherwise known as Digital Gran)  blog for some time now and love her photos and her digital imagery.  So my task today is to go and play with my software as its a while since I did any digital art.  I'll show you later what I've done.

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McIrish Annie said...

you didn't give us the kitchen decorating update! LOL! how's that going??

love the new banner picture on your blog. it has been a long time since i've been by to see you. hope you are enjoying your summer.