Friday, 29 July 2011

Oriental Image postcards

It's been a strange week, I've been busy but there's little to show for it except this set of cards for my version of Oriental Images. 

Omiyage means 'gift' and my Omiyage is  loosely attached to the card.   She can be taken off and by opening  up the back seam and filling it with rice turned into a small paper weight or key fob.  I hope the recipients enjoy her.

I've received four Oriental cards from the BQLPC group this week.

All very different images, Sunrise over the Mountain from Jan, Sashiko quilting from Sue, Bonzai from Alice and a wonderful Geisha from Carole.

I've decided to limit my card swaps for the foreseeable future, sadly postage is beginning to hurt a bit when I have several to post overseas.   I have one box to make for Debs in Australia and after that I hope to concentrate a bit more on digital art and quilting with the odd UK swap to keep my hand in.

I'm off to Fountains Abbey tomorrow to see the Textile Art show, which finishes on Sunday.  I hope to take some photos and perhaps incorporate them into journal pages.

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