Thursday, 24 May 2012

Back from holiday

It was a very wet and windy holiday in Wales for the most part but we did get a couple of fine days when my son and dil joined us.

They are stood outside Harlech Castle, Wales is full of castles, all beautiful but by this time we'd worn our legs out walking up and down tower stairs so we didn't go in.

We did go to Bodnant Gardens where the Rhodadendrums were in full bloom but the Labernum arch was just coming into leaf.

All the rain had swelled the rivers and we made sure we didn't get too close - no paddling.

On the way home we called in to revisit the Pontsycyllte aquaduct.  My memories of going across this in a canal boat are still very strong.  I was chicken then and am still chicken, this is very high.

I was much happier underneath it with my feet on the floor.

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Julie said...

The noise of all that rushing water must have been tremendous! Bodnant is beautiful, isn't it? We were there a couple of years ago. The viaduct is a bit scary but the view is fabulous! We walked across it but I didn't look down!