Friday, 29 June 2012

Rain Rain go away

Wow and didn't it rain...... We were lucky and caught only the tail end of the storm but it was bad enough.  Our street flooded in minutes, the water came right up to both front and back doors and the garden looked more like a swimming pool.  I thought I'd better get Keith to build an Ark.  However it lasted less than further up the county and once the rain stopped it receeded very quickly.  There are still puddles but nothing as devastating as a few miles further North.   We didn't take any photos of the storm, it came quickly and despite the warnings surprised up by its ferocity.   We were so concerned with working out what we needed to move to a higher room we forgot about photos.  Still the tv has lots of them.

Our postman still managed to get through and I have three more swaps to show you.

Fabric manipulation from (top) Chris and (bottom) Sue.

Baa Baa Blacksheep from Lesley, love the bag of wool...

I've been busy making more samples for my workshop on metal stitch and will show them soon.

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