Sunday, 30 September 2012

Turned left and headed for the border

Well that was yesterday.   I'd had an invitation to see Helen Cowan's exhibition held in Galashiels and as the day looked pleasant Keith decided we should go and make it a day out.   Naturally I had not taken my camera with me but luckily his lordship had is Ipad and so we got a couple of photos at the border between England and Scotland.

This is looking back into England

And this is looking forward into Scotland
Unfortunately those are the only photos I've managed to get off Keith's Ipad because he's playing with it. Maybe later.

Helen's exhibition pieces were hung around the walls of a small tea room and, as usual, Helen produced pieces that were visually interesting and well executed.  A lot of  her pieces were of the, what I call, 'journal' type.  She had created them from vintage laces, linens, fabrics and reprinted ephemera.   Had we lived nearer I may have made more than one visit to see Helen's work but with the cost of fuel today I would need to have more than one objective to justify the cost.

And I did...... I found Borderland Fabrics.  I've seen their advert in the Northern Star, our local QG newsletter but had forgotten where it was until we passed it on the way to Galashiels, yeh.....   It is a lovely little shop and I browsed to my hearts content while Keith sat in the Husbands Waiting Room (cafe) and chatted to another husband in waiting.  I did managed to restrain myself and only bought a couple of patterns and a book.

Well the 'C' word isn't far off.

I've been wanting to make one of these bags for ages but couldn't find the pattern.  There is a zipped central panel which makes it easy and safe to travel with.

I know Flynn is only 3 monthys old but by the time I've finished this for him he'll be at school.

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