Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Two more days

It's getting closer and the nerves are just beginning to show but the excitement is also there.   Julie's Dad made her a box for guests to put their wedding cards in.  I've just finished making the bunting to go on the front of it.

I digitised them and cut them out using a Sizzix die.  I wish I had discovered that Sizzix Big Shot machines can be used to cut fabric, they are now bringing out a line of quilting dies.   It's a lot cheaper than my Accuquilt Go and the dies are cheaper too.  Having said that I do love my Accuquilt.  Not sure I'd buy one just to cut pieces made by straight cuts, ie strips, diamonds, triangles etc, I can do that well enough with a ruler and a rotary cutter.  They are however invaluable for cutting fiddly shapes.

I at last bought shoes for the wedding, I know its last minute but that just me I hate shopping for shoes.  One thing that will not get finished unless a miracle happens is the necklace I was making to go with my dress.

I got the medallion thingy finished and started on the chain but it glitters so much I can only do a small amount at a time before it makes my eyes ache.   Guess it will get finished by Christmas.

Went to get my scan results yesterday, I'm one of those people who has a PIP implant.  I had breast reconstruction following a mastectomy for cancer and have had no bother until 3 years ago when it ruptured.  Just after they replaced the implant I found out it was one of the French PIP ones and couldn't make up my mind whether or not to have it replaced.   After discussion with my GP, consultant and a radiologist it appears that my biopsy results show that the strange lumps appearing in my breast are silicon.  I now have to go for an MRI scan to see whether its from the PIP or something left over from the original one that ruptured.  Life is never straight forwad sometimes is it.


Terri said...

Be glad you only have PIP trouble and not more cancer...

Plum Cox said...

You are right, life is never straightforward. Hope that the big event goes well (even without a completed necklace - perhaps you can use the medallion on another chain?) and that the way to deal with the silicon is clear.

Julie said...

As if the cancer wasn't enough you now have to deal with all this worry about implants. I do hope it is easily sorted and desn't involve any difficult decisions.

I hope too that the wedding is wonderful! I have to shop for an outfit for my stepdaughter's wedding in November. I think I need a personal shopper!