Sunday, 21 October 2012

Journal Page for November

I am really struggling with the blue challenge and still not sure whether I will do the challene in 2013.  I know I am supposed to do one a month but if I don't get these blue ones finished I will give up and then I'd hate myself later.  So Novembers blue JP is based, once again, on the origins of a nursery rhyme.

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary.

The rhyme is about Queen Mary's persecution of Protestants, she executed over 300 in her short reign.  The silver bells and cockleshells refer to instruments of torture, silver bells were thumbscrews and cockleshells - well they crushed an intimate male body part.   The Maiden was a crude guillotine later refined to cut cleanly.  Her garden grew expotentially as the graveyards expanded to take the bodies of Protestants cut down in their prime.

And now for my interpretation:

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Living to work - working to live said...

well - I did not know any of that!! Thanks for the education. Who said quilting was all about soft and gentle stuff!!