Monday, 29 October 2012

Sheila Smith's workshop

I've got tired of the nursery rhymes, I'm finding the blue challenge giving me the blues so I've taken a risk and left it till December, just hope I do get back to finishing it.  I have definitely decided not to take part in next years JP challenge, I think I'm a bit saturated and need to do something else.
Talking of something else, I took Sheila Smith's Stitch & Felt workshop held by our local EG a couple of Saturdays ago.  I really enjoyed the day, Sheila was very helpful and full of enthusiasm.  I took a few photos
Sheila is in the middle in the blue checked shirt and these are my friends from the EG who shared the day.  We were quite prolific between us and surprised at how different each piece came out.
 Mine is the purple piece in the middlie, I was a bit enthusiastic with my felting and shrunk the tops a bit more than I had intended, it should be the same size as the other pieces, but I liked it.

The purple flowers were arrived at by binding marbles into the prefelt, tying them tightly then finishing off the felting. After which the marbles were cut out leaving a flower shape. I made felt balls to go in the middle of the flowers to create centres for them.

This one is a bit bigger, the orangey green one in the middle.  I've started to do some hand stitching into the piece.  I'll take a photo when I've completed it.   The raised areas here are pieces of felt laid onto a prefelt with chiffon laid over the top, stitched round the shapes and then felted.

Here is the same piece before it dried and before I started to put stitch onto it.

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Diane Kelsey said...

Some wonderful work, such a shame you can't touch it on a blog.