Thursday, 13 December 2012

Another day at the office...

We had fun on Monday at our monthly bitch and stitch group.  We had decided last month to bring an extra sandwich or two and share our lunch:

Linda and Elspeth were first to sample the wares.

Then Jenny entertained us all with her singing hat:
It's abit blurred because it started to sing and shake as I tool the photo, or I was laughing so much I shook the camera, you decide which.

Jenny had brough some presents for us and as she couldn't decide which one to give to whom we all put our names in a plastic bag and picked names out of it.

Linda chose my name and I 'won' a pretty boxmaking set.  I'm going to have fun making it up after Christmas.  Jenny was very generous and we all got a beautiful present, she also made us each an origami box with chocolates in it.
We were all very impressed with the boxes and wanted to know how she had made them.  Not having any suitable paper with us, after all we were expecting to use our embellishers today, we used the envelopes from our Christmas cards. 

 We did actually do some work before we started our playday.
Still trying to make inroads into Jenny's stash.

Jenny is making a bag

Linda is working on the white bits in Jenny's stash don't think she has decided what it is going to be yet.

Pat has used fibres and silks for her piece, still undecided as to what it will eventually be.

Elspeth is bonding two pieces of felt together, one turquoise and one yellow to be used in a future project.   This is what it looked like when she had almost finished.

As for me, well I just made a mess.


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Nicola said...

Loved your post and the "bitch and stitch".