Thursday, 6 December 2012

It's a wee bit nippy today

Winter seems to have come with a shove, we've waded through the floods, put extra woollies on in the snow and now comes the lazy wind that goes right through you.   We've been unable to take Buster for more than a very brief walk recently as its extremely slippy underfoot.  He has four feet on the ground mine were more in the air so I gave up and went home.

One good event though was our EG Christmas lunch.  For the past few years tutors and students at our local college have provided food and a demonstration of how they produced some of the items.  These demos have gone down really well, as has the eating of their creativity afterwards.  On that day we usually have displays of work done by the young embroideres and this year was no exception.  Christmas Stocks was the order of the day but unfortunately I missed who'd won as I was out of the room at the time.

 We also had a display of some of the work done on a morning workshop run by Carole Wilson who is a very talented and creative member of the EG.   Very festive display of angles, trees, bells a dove and Carole's own tree nympy.
 Closer look of Carole's tree nymph and dove, which is balanced on a cotton reel.
 After the meal we had a flower arrangeing demonstration.  Each member was given a raffle ticket on arrival and these four beautiful arrangements were the prizes.  Sorry about the picture quality.  I forgot my camera and had to take these with my phone and email them to myself.  They lost some of their clarity in transition.
I've been busy finishing off the cardigan and sweater I've made for Flynn.   I will post photos next time along with my attempt at making one of Carole's angles.  Carole has sent me the pattern for the dove but so far I've done nothing about it but want to make one before Christmas, watch this space.


Nicola said...

What wonderful photos. Its a bit chilly in Cornwall too.

Living to work - working to live said...

Those angels look lovely.

And I know what you mean regarding 4 feet V 2 feet. Gazza just looks at me bemused when I slip and slide all over the place!