Sunday, 30 September 2012

Turned left and headed for the border

Well that was yesterday.   I'd had an invitation to see Helen Cowan's exhibition held in Galashiels and as the day looked pleasant Keith decided we should go and make it a day out.   Naturally I had not taken my camera with me but luckily his lordship had is Ipad and so we got a couple of photos at the border between England and Scotland.

This is looking back into England

And this is looking forward into Scotland
Unfortunately those are the only photos I've managed to get off Keith's Ipad because he's playing with it. Maybe later.

Helen's exhibition pieces were hung around the walls of a small tea room and, as usual, Helen produced pieces that were visually interesting and well executed.  A lot of  her pieces were of the, what I call, 'journal' type.  She had created them from vintage laces, linens, fabrics and reprinted ephemera.   Had we lived nearer I may have made more than one visit to see Helen's work but with the cost of fuel today I would need to have more than one objective to justify the cost.

And I did...... I found Borderland Fabrics.  I've seen their advert in the Northern Star, our local QG newsletter but had forgotten where it was until we passed it on the way to Galashiels, yeh.....   It is a lovely little shop and I browsed to my hearts content while Keith sat in the Husbands Waiting Room (cafe) and chatted to another husband in waiting.  I did managed to restrain myself and only bought a couple of patterns and a book.

Well the 'C' word isn't far off.

I've been wanting to make one of these bags for ages but couldn't find the pattern.  There is a zipped central panel which makes it easy and safe to travel with.

I know Flynn is only 3 monthys old but by the time I've finished this for him he'll be at school.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Doesn't time fly

When you are enjoying yourself, well I think I have been.  I've done very little since the wedding and as the official photos won't be  picked up until next week when they come back from honeymoon its going to be a little while before I can show you any more.

I've done two workshops in the last 8 days, not finished anything I started on either of them.  The first was one of our Plus4 day workshops on transfer paint and seeing what happens when you apply it to various surfaces.  Got a lot of blue lace, I seem to have used more blue paint than anything else.  Think I must have the next four 'blue' CQ journal page challenge on my mind.  I must admit my mind is blank at the moment but hopefully one or some of the transfer painted pieces will inspire me.

The second workshop was with Jenny Burns doing something much more traditional - Hardanger.  I enjoy doing the more traditional stuff now and again.  However, counting threads all day has really made my eyes tired.   It will take me a night or two to finish it and then I'll post a photo.

I have however finished my last chunky book page for the Surface Design group.  This one was "The Beauty of Nature".  I thought about this a lot while doing the daily chores.  I like the idea of a rainbow and started pulling bits and pieces out to create one.  Then I picked up a packet of seeds and thought seed pods are beautiful so here it is.

It started out with a photo of  a poppy seed head, this is all that is left of my garden poppies.   I created several layers in PSP, blended several layers using different blend modes.  I flattened the image and applied a couple of special effects.   Before I flattened the image I added a rainbow gradient to the background layer.  

I printed out the original piece but thought it too dark so I took off some saturation and printed it out for the background of the page.   I've used lager cans for the seed pods and added other types of seed pods with stitches and flower stitched rings.  The lace is metallic paper.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Wedding Day

Didn't have time or opportunity to take many photos but here are a couple.  Once we get the 'official' photos I might post more.   The wedding day was beautiful with smiles from everyone all day long.  Julie and Sy looked so happy, I think once it was over they looked even happier!!

 From the left, Marc, bestman and brother, Sy, Julie and Matthew grandson

 I really don't like my outfit, I thought it looked okay in the shop but that hat looks like something red had landed and died.   The other three look okay though, Keith at the end.
Sy and Flynn, Flynn had a morning suit on as well but you can't see it for the huge bib.  You can see the family resemblance, Sy proud of his 3 month old grandson.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Two more days

It's getting closer and the nerves are just beginning to show but the excitement is also there.   Julie's Dad made her a box for guests to put their wedding cards in.  I've just finished making the bunting to go on the front of it.

I digitised them and cut them out using a Sizzix die.  I wish I had discovered that Sizzix Big Shot machines can be used to cut fabric, they are now bringing out a line of quilting dies.   It's a lot cheaper than my Accuquilt Go and the dies are cheaper too.  Having said that I do love my Accuquilt.  Not sure I'd buy one just to cut pieces made by straight cuts, ie strips, diamonds, triangles etc, I can do that well enough with a ruler and a rotary cutter.  They are however invaluable for cutting fiddly shapes.

I at last bought shoes for the wedding, I know its last minute but that just me I hate shopping for shoes.  One thing that will not get finished unless a miracle happens is the necklace I was making to go with my dress.

I got the medallion thingy finished and started on the chain but it glitters so much I can only do a small amount at a time before it makes my eyes ache.   Guess it will get finished by Christmas.

Went to get my scan results yesterday, I'm one of those people who has a PIP implant.  I had breast reconstruction following a mastectomy for cancer and have had no bother until 3 years ago when it ruptured.  Just after they replaced the implant I found out it was one of the French PIP ones and couldn't make up my mind whether or not to have it replaced.   After discussion with my GP, consultant and a radiologist it appears that my biopsy results show that the strange lumps appearing in my breast are silicon.  I now have to go for an MRI scan to see whether its from the PIP or something left over from the original one that ruptured.  Life is never straight forwad sometimes is it.