Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year to all

Did you have a good Christmas?  Flynn did
He loves his bouncer his grandma Mel bought him and his musical teething ring.   He got so  many presents they may need to add a room..

We had a lovely time with Marc and Alix and Alix's family.  Alix did us proud foodwise but she is a lovely cook.  Marc was in trouble for mending his bike beside the christmas tree, naturally it fell and knocked it over but luckily nothing was broken.  Otherwise Marc and the cat would be looking for new owners.   Sy and Julie couldn't join us this year as Sy was 'on-call' over Christmas, nor could he enjoy a celebratory drink for the same reason but its New Year now and he was able to toast in the new year.

Have you made any resolutions, I haven't as they never remain in place longer than the end of February.  But I have made a sort of promise to myself that its okay to create a ufo and finish when the mood takes me.

 have been sewing a bit betwix the celebrations. I've made a set of placemats, table mats and mug rugs using a pattern from Lise Bergene's Patchwork with Pizzazz.  It's a book loaned to me by a friend.  The pattern I used is Guinea Hen.


Sy & Julie gave Keith a 3d puzzle as one of his presents this year.  It's a red plastic apple and he's been tearing his hair out so Sy came round this morning to help.

They managed to get both sides made and put together then realised they'd left the stalk out!!  It is now complete though and Keith won't take it apart to do it again.

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