Sunday, 13 January 2013

Not a good thing

It's not a good thing to backslam your hand into a fridge door, I know it hurts.  It's taken several days but now I can move my fingers reasonably painfree.  Not sure what I hit on the fridge door but I dropped a jar and went to grab it, missed and backslammed my hand into something very hard.  It's much better now and hasn't stopped me sewing too much (although I can't chase dust bunnies very well...).

I've been using some of the various feet I've bought and not used frequently and trying out different stitches on my machine.  I thought I would make a stitch sample fabric and use it on a bookwrap for the QGBI tombola in August.

This is just a small part of the piece.

This is the other side of the piece.
It's my sister's birthday on Saturday and I've made her a placemat and matching rugmug.  She has a little grey tabby cat whom she loves dearly so I've put Milly on her mats.

My camera battery is flat and I couldn't get the whole thing in the scanner so I'm only showing the mugrug.  Not particularly good fme but Lesley won't mind.  I tried out a different way of binding the mugrug and placemat.  Instead of sewing the binding to the right side and stitching it down on the back.  I sewed it to the back and used one of my fancy stitches to sew it down on the front.  Think I might try this on something bigger but I feel I would have to stabilise the binding before sewing it down.

I made this bookcover using a tutorial on the Bernina web site.  It made me use the endless sewing facility on the machine, something I don't use much.  I have thought of making a border on a duvet using it.
Well my hand is aching now so its time to stop for the day, speak soon.


Suztats said...

I love your stitch sample fabric!!

Nicola said...

Everything shown is creative and beautiful. I love my embroidery machine and never tire of the efects you can create.