Thursday, 21 February 2013

Last of my bookwrap gem covers

At last I've finally made my embroidery piece into a bookwrap.  I had difficulty with it as I had not measured twice and cut once....   Yep your right it wouldn't fit the book, the cover was just too tight a fit.   I ended up unpicking all the stitching, which then meant the edges were fraying a little.  In the end I bound the edges and now its okay to go.

I'm quite pleased with it and would actually like to keep it but I made it for a purpose so off it will go sometime this week, along with its friends.   I made 8 covers in all, there are three of them in the background to the photo.   I'm going to make another doodled cover for myself, well I might get round to it later.
I've also finished making 10 Owl coin purses from a pattern by Embroidery Garden which will be donated to a local quilt exhibition in aid of Help the Heros.
Only got one more 'promise of pieces' left to do, that's to make pincushions in time to sell at our local Embroiderers Guild AGM in May.   Keith has made me some wooden bowls to make into pincushions and I have one or two other ideas.  I'll post photos later when I've made them.


Lyndsey said...

Annette I love that book cover and wouldn't be able to give it away. The owl purses are also really cute and I must find the pattern. Can't wait to see your pin cushions.

Julie said...

You're keeping very busy Annette. I have done the same thing with my bookcovers and had to find ways to make them fit. I hope you do get round to making a doodle cover for yourself, it's beautiful!

Nicola said...

Your owls have the most adorable expressions. I love the creativity with which you have embroidered your book cover.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Annette. Gorgeous book cover--that had to be for someone very special! Adorable coin purses, too.
best, nadia