Thursday, 31 July 2014

Bought a new toy

Woke up on Sunday feeling a bit down, said my usual good morning to Keith and went downstairs for breakfast.  Put on the telly on and what was showing on QVC but the new Brother Cut N Scan machine.  I've wanted one of these for since Maggie Grey blogged about hers.  She has just brought out a new book which includes pieces made using this machine, naturally I've bought that to but it hasn't arrived yet.   It's called Cut, Shape, Stitch.  Keith kept telling me just to go and buy one but the price is a bit heavy so I never got round to it.  I went back upstairs and heard a bang, Keith's photo had jumped off the drawers and onto the floor, how that happened I don't know as all the windows were closed.  I think he was trying to tell me something so I went straight back downstairs and ordered one.  It arrived today.  Here's an overview of my new Brother Scan N Cut.   As it arrived just before dinner tonight I haven't had a lot of time to play.  I made some cupcake papers for Julie, which she has taken home and I didn't take a photo, but hopefully, if I have enough card left, I'm going to make a start on my Xmas cards.

It can also be used with fabric, in fact loads of materials but the main thing I want to do is draw my own designs and use these to make masks and templates to use with my Gelli plates.  This is going to be short blog as I'm now off to play.  Show you tomorrow what I've made, that's if the optician (eye check up) doesn't say I'm going blind with watching all those Brother Scan n Cut videos on YouTube.


Living to work - working to live said...

Wee bit jealous!!

PaulineC said...

Good for you Annette. I am sure that you will make some wonderful things with it.

Julie said...

Well done Annette! Keith was right, get in there and enjoy! I've seen the Brother Scan n Cut on Create and Craft TV and it looks very impressive. Have fun :)