Monday, 14 July 2014

Finished at last

I finally got my finger out and finished Flynn's Quiet Book, hurray...... So here it is:

Tractor shapes

 The photos have been embedded in a different order than that I selected them in but you still get the idea.

You've seen a few of these before but I've added the any way.  Washing/Dryer and sock matching game.  

Build your own sandcastle

Zipper pocket on back cover to hold loose pieces

What's behind the barn door?

We are....

Family tree, plus their new puppy Pixel and another airplane.

It's me with Mum and Dad (and Pixel)

I've made a small fishing rod (not shown) with a piece of stick and some cord with a magnet on the end. This is one of Flynn's favourite games.  All the fish have magnets in their heads.

Once the fish are caught you can put them in the fish tank.

Flynn likes the song Five Little Monkeys so I had to make him a page with finger puppets.  

Farm yard animals

Not particularly well placed photos but its another of Flynn's favourite rhymes.  Incy Wincy Spider climbs up the water spout.

Hmm you can make a sandcastle upside down if you want to...
Ah caught a fish
What's under here, hmm

Now I'm going to put them in the bucket


Petra said...

That is fantastic, sure there will be lots of hours of fun😀1

PaulineC said...

Fabulous. Haven't seen the monkey finger puppets or incy wincy spider before. I just love them. You put me to shame as I still haven't finished my granddaughter's book and it's her birthday at the end of July. I have been marking exams for the past couple of months and have hardly managed any crafting at all during that time. I now have a huge backlog of things I want to do, and feel inspired again by your book.

Julie said...

What a beautiful and exciting book, Annette. Beautifully made too.

Stitchinscience said...

That is so special Annette, i hope it becomes a family heirloom.