Sunday, 23 November 2014

Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate

I always look forward to visiting the Knitting & Stitching show in Harrogate and this year was no exception.  I had hoped to go with my friend but unfortunately she took ill the night before and ended up in hospital.  She is fine but obviously not well enough for something as hectic as the K&S show. This year I travelled by coach instead of by car and the experience has left an impression, just not sure whether it was good or bad.  The International Centre was heaving with people when we arrived at around 10:45am and hot.  It got hotter as the morning progressed and there were two call out to the St John's brigade to people who had fainted.  By lunchtime they must have turned the heating down or off because it became much more comfortable, though I was surprised at how many people had left.  However, it did make it easier to view the stalls.

I had made out a list before I went of things I would like to see and buy but I only bought one thing off my list - Deli paper to play with on my Gelli plates.  I want to try out several techniques and put them in a journal.  Each year I say I'm going to keep a journal and by March its been sidetracked.  I think it must be my take on the New Year resolutions.  Maybe this year.......

There were very few demonstrations this year and a distinct reduction, to my mine of exhibitions. There was though a beautiful exhibition of work by Embroiderers' Guild, Young Embroiderers' and of graduate works.  I had hope there would be much more made of the 'Tour de France jumpers being made into blankets but it was stuck at the end of one of the halls and very easily bypassed. I did stay and talk to the people on the stand.  As there was a large pile of tiny jumpers waiting to be sewn together I offered to do some, but my offer wasn't taken up.  However I wish them luck with their project.

Photo's were not allowed in many of the exhibits but not by the Embroiderers Guild.  I love these sheep by the Young Embroiderers'

There were several really interesting entries for the Members Challenge of Tree Rhythyms

I don't want to give the impression that these were the only exhibits on show, there were lots of small groups, especially the knitting groups, with work on show but these seemed tucked away in corners.

I was tired but happy when I boarded the bus for home.  Now I'm going to have lunch with my family and when I get back  will think about playing with my purchases.

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