Monday, 17 September 2007

I spent a day quilting with Sylvia Critchley on Tuesday, we did the stuffed and corded white piece above. I'm not really very good at quilting my stitches are far too big but with the technique shown by Sylvia it didn't really matter. I enjoyed the day, not just because I got to play away for a whole day without making a meal but because I met up with old friends and made new ones. It was one of the few workshops I've been to that the sample actually didn't end up as a UFO.
The other photo is my WIP fractal study piece for a one to one Surface Design swap, my partner is Lyn Drage in Australia. I'm not sure what it'll be like when it's finished as I am very much a "start sewing and see what happens" sort of person. I found the copyfree fractal on the web, printed it out onto calico. The calico still had iron stabilizer from an machine embroidery project I'd finished and I found it went through the printer without any problems. I overlaid it with voile and hand quilted round the fractal lines and added beads to others. I wanted to convey the feeling of swirling movement. Not sure how I'll finish it but it will come to me as I go along and when it does I'll post a photo.
Well I have a few hours a day dh free now as he's gone back to work for four hours a day to see how things pan out for him. His company offered to pay for his MRI scan privately to see if they could get the treatment for his back any sooner. It was possible but it wasn't possible to get to see the consultant any quicker so he'll wait for the NHS scan. He returned home tonight uncomfortable but a happy man. I think men need company of other men just as much as we women enjoy the company of other women. However we need to see how he'll get on with several days of working under his belt. In the meantime I mean to make the most of it and sew while he's out.

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Lynne said...

I'm fascinated by your fractal - I haven't seen these before - would love to know where to look for them on the web. I enjoyed a short workshop with Sylvia C at Harrogate quilt show last week - brought it home to finish, and I'm nearly there.