Thursday, 20 September 2007

Overworked sewing machine

Oh the bliss of having some time to sew without company around, it's surprising just how much work you can get done. As you will have guessed dh is back at work but only for 4 hours a day at present. I think he's enjoyed being back amongst men again(and women) it certainly seems to have lifted his spirits a bit. However by the time he gets home his back and legs are very painful and he's in need of a rest.

In the meantime I've been busy making more fabric postcards. The Black & White ones are for a private 5 person swap. The oriental cards are for the ArtweMail group 'Tase of the Orient'. I did think illustrating sushi or pot noodles but in the end decided to use some Kimono Peel-offs I had in my stock of bits and pieces. I stuck the peel-offs onto fabric then cut round them and sewed them down. I was surpised how well they stuck onto the fabric I expected the edges to lift a bit but no they were fine. Might try that again sometime. The last photo is of decorated doodles for the Surface Design group. I was a great doodler while at work and the edges and corners of my notes were always covered in doodles, the longer the meeting the more doodles. This was a swap I suggested and I've really enjoyed doing them. I just doodled on the fabric and covered the lines with embroidery. Great stuff to sit and do whilst watching tele and stopped dh from sitting alone all night.
I really must read swap instructions a bit more carefully, the fractal study that I took to be a 1 to 1 swap turns out to be a 3 person swap so I have another two to do!!!!
Been trying to pursued my mum that the offer of a flat with 24/7 care on site and the provision of a midday meal as part of the rent (non-refundable if you don't want it) doesn't mean she is going into care. Its a new scheme where the elderly are provided with these extras in an attempt to keep them more independant and out of care homes. She would have her own flat, her own furniture, her own front door and be able to come and go just as she does now. However for some reason the provision of a midday meal and 24/7 on site care has freaked her. Ah well, maybe a good night sleep will help her see reason, I will just have to wait until tomorrow when she has calmed down.

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Joanna van said...

Annette, I just love your work. Great stuff! I hope to be able to trade with you in the future. I love those peel offs as well. I buy the border ones and have used them to border some of my fabric PC's.