Friday, 12 August 2011

Last of the postcard swaps

My last two Oriental Images have arrived from Sue and Lis which I'll show below.  I'm taking a break from swapping for a few months to catch up with Xmas bits and bobs and to do other textile things.  I want to do more digital imagery and some more digitizing, maybe both together who knows.

For my curfew time I've joined the Hexalong at Lily's Quilts which you can see what its all about from here or from the button on my sidebare.   I usually stop whatever I'm doing around 9pm and join dh for the rest of the evening, otherwise we are in danger of not seeing each other as we are both in our different craft areas.   So far I've only done plain old hexies but I did try to disect one of the hexies to create a sort of curved baby block only I haven't really made enough of a curve.  I've not taken any photos of my hexies so far but will tomorrow and post them later.  You can all then have a good laugh at my efforts.  Its eons since I made any hexagons but I downloaded the grid paper from Lily's blog.

 Oriental fan from Sue Wild and
Kimono from Lis Harwood.  Lis's Kimono comes off the card and can be used as a brooch or used somewhere else such as a bag.  

I've been busy buying first Leah Day's "From Feathers to Flames" book which can be downloaded and which for this week is reduced.  Quilting Arts also had their 2010 Gift book on offer for 1 dime (7p) but I can't find the link again, think I've deleted it in error.

Got to go, fish and chips are ready, speak soon.


Jilly said...

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Terry said...

Those picture from the quilts shops are wonderful. And I also wishing to shop one from the shop soon. Your home looks very beautiful and those quilt collection is fabulous.
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