Friday, 20 January 2012

I've been FARTing!!

No I'm not being rude I've been on a Fabric Acquisiton Road Trip.   I needed some new reds in my stash, I may a Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy (SABLE) but still not enough reds in it for the CQ Red Journal Pages.  This is the result:

Well, okay there are a couple of non-reds in there but what has a girl got to do when faced with so much choice.

Now for a confession - on Monday in a fit of pique I traded in my Bernina 830 for a Bernina 580.  I know, I must be bonkers and all Monday night I tossed and turned and confirmed my suspicion that I was bonkers.   As soon as the shop opened on Tuesday I rang and said I've changed my mind I'm keeping my 830.  Unfortunately as I was talking the 580 arrived on my doorstep, all the way across country from Cardiff to the NE in record time.   Well, I fell in love with it, so what's more is there to say.  I've a very empty bank balance but a beautiful new baby to take to workshops.  This is my 1630 replacement, which although alovely machine is way too heavy for me to cart around.

And here she is:

 The first photo doesn't show the embroidery unit which came with it.
 I like the accessory kit, just right for taking to workshops, not so good I feel for storage while sewing (if that makes sense).
Best thing though is the feet from my 830 fit, apart fromt he BSR (naturally) as the 580 has the new version.  I was told that in theory they will work but in practise there have been problems.  The BSR is an option, not included.

And I tried all the functionality out on my set of 'Lace' postcards for the BQLPC January swap.

I made all the lace butterflies on the 580, which I must say is quieter to run than the 830 and all but the Jumbo hoop fit both machines.  Didn't actually need another embroidery unit but when I ordered it (along with the BSR) I thought I would no longer have the 830.  Since bringing baby into the house my 'beastie' has behaved impectably.   I'm going to do some sewing on her this afternoon just so she doesn't get jealous.


Julie said...

Lots of lovely reds to work with there Annette. I'm sure your new Bernina will more than earn its keep and anyway, you can't take it with you! ;-)

sandra wyman said...

Enjoy your new machine Annette. Love the fabrics. The first of my JQs has turned into a WOMBAT (Waste Of Money Batting And Time)

McIrish Annie said...

I am at a retreat with my quilty girls and we have been farting too! Lol love your new bernina. Bet u love it too.

Anonymous said...

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