Monday, 16 January 2012

Phew finished 2011 Journal Pages

Done it.  It's not at all what I started out to do.  My first inclinations were to created a journal page using buttons and buttonholes as the main focus of the piece.  After three false starts I threw them all in the bin and no I didn't take photos they just looked like sewing class samples.  However I came across the piece of sateen that I'd taken to Summer School and lost all the screen printing on it because it wasn't cotton.  I also found some sheets of paper I'd transfer painted - Idea!!!  I loved the fabric I'd created, it reminded me of that time in Winter when the tips of plants are just coming through.  Well the JP has nothing to do with that.....   I cut off some of the yellow from the piece and created flowers using my Accuquilt and appliqued them onto the blue part that was left over.  I had great problems fmqing - the threads kept breaking, the needles kept breaking and I ended up shouting at my machine.  I left it and went back the next day, all was calm and collected and sewed out beautifully.

As I'm sure I've said before I have an aversion to buttons, however, there are a few that I can handle with care.  Some of these are the ones my dh makes.  I painted them with an overlay of green, purple, blue, wiped it all off then painted interference paint to give some shine.  Enough, here's the finished result.

Don't know why Blogger has turned the photo sideways, again!! It is the right way up in my albumn but you get the picture.

It's done the same with this one which shows the buttons a bit better.  Colours are about right.


Nicola said...

Well done on a beautiful finish. I enjoyed reading about how you created the piece.

Terri said...

Love the delicate colors, and the quilting. That is one sweet butterfly!

Suztats said...

I think it's beautiful!

Julie said...

Beautiful work Annette. I've just been catching up and you have been busy :-) Keith's buttons work really well as the flower centres.