Sunday, 29 January 2012

First JP of 2012

I wasn't 100% certain I would join in this years challenge as its based on colour.  Colour isn't a problem just wasn't sure I wanted to make my pages from primaries.  However if you include all shades, tones, hues etc then it gives you quite a wide pallet.  So for my first 'Red' JP I give you:

Red One (aka Galliard - a Tudor Dance)

The actual JP is much richer and darker than shown here.

My intension for the first four red JP's was solely to create a set of JPs that had a gradient from dark, rich colouring to pale pink.  I also intended that each JP would have some sort of surface decoration. Then I had another thought, the red fabrics, from cotton, silk and velvet that I was using plus the gold secondary colour reminded me for some obscure reason of Henry VIII.  In particular his love of the Galliard a rather energetic courtly dance and so Red One (aka Galliard) was born.  I hope to continue the 'dance theme' for the rest of the reds. 

Here's a close up.
As you can see from this photo the background is woven and zigzaged onto a base.  Hope to show February's soon, I know I'm supposed to do one a month but I just got carried away.  DH says I should be carried away!!


Terri said...

Love the color! and your embroidery, too.

Julie said...

I saw this over on the CQ group and thought it was beautiful. I love that it's woven and the stitching and beadwork set it off.

Living to work - working to live said...


I really like that technique of 'weaving' a background. I have done something similar myself on an workshop with Angie Hughes and the result was really fabulous - less regular that this, but loved it.

I do like this piece very much.


Nicola said...

I love the richness and warmth of your design and the finishing touches to embellish it.

Ticks all my boxes.