Saturday, 4 February 2012

February's JP

The second in the red dance series, this one Valentine Waltz.  The first four JP's which are the red ones have the same woven fabric backgrounds but the values change as the months go on.  This one starts out with the same as January then moves to a slightly light value, sort of dark to dark/medium range.  The background has "I love You" and hearts embroidered onto it and the edges of the velvet hearts have real gold thread couched round the outline.  Each heart has a waltzing line going from one heart to another. 

I am supposed to be giving the vote of thanks this afternoon at our Embroiderers' Guild meeting but who tripped and injured her knee?  Of all the silly things to do, I knew the steps were there just forgot to lift my feet.  Result, one swollen knee, sciatica, and a bruised bum that could put itself forward as a design source.  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow, what an excuse for sitting sewing.

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Julie said...

That's assuming you can sit down Annette. Hope your bruises heal soon. It shakes you up so much when you fall.