Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I've been looking for fabric - again..

Wasn't successful though.  I wanted fabric to make a new table topper to go in our living room.  I wanted neutral colours with a flash of something seductive (must be the Valentine's Day effect).  My LQS  is a good 60 mile round trip so we thought we'd make a day of it and go to Embsay Mills just outside of Skipton (about twice as far as LQS).   First call was to dh's woodturning store, then mine.  I was looking for creams, beige, white and perhaps lime or blue or something that had the WOW factor.  I was disappointed, they did have creams, beige, white etc but naturally the ones I liked were very expensive, not cotton or I just plain didn't like them.  So I ended up with some rickrack braid, magnetic catches and a Book of Baby Gifts (I did tell you didn't I that I'm expecting a great grandson - can't wait).

I also got the news yesterday that the CQ group want two of my button quilts for display at the NEC Sewing for Pleasure next month.  The two I've chosen are December and January.

You seen them both before but I thought I'd just show which ones I was sending.  Keep an eye out if you are going to the NEC next month and give them a wave so they can bring it back to me.

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Julie said...

I shall look out for them Annette, I'm going on the Saturday.