Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Just been pottering along

After all the fabric hunting I've come to a full stop.  I started making one quilt and ended up doing something different, so what's new there then.  I wanted a new log cabin block table topper in neutral shades but a bit more modern looking.  I started out making a block with a star in the corner.

But don't like the way its going together so I've put it away to unpick at a later date.  Then I found some foundation blocks already printed onto fabric.  Heaven knows how long I've had those but thought I'd make some up.

I've done ten so far and its more of what I had in mind when I set off but I'm finding foundation blocks tedious.  However I will make enough for something, not sure what though. 

In the meantime to take my mind of tedium I made a mug bag and mug rug to take with me when I go to workshops etc.

However its big enough to take a teapot!!!  It'smade from some batik scraps I had lying around and had forgotten about.  How many of you have a rummage through your stash now and again and find treasure?  I have enough of this left to make mug bags for the whole family.

And my final play was to make another mug rug from some fabric I'd previously used as a clean up cloth then stamped with a face.  Not sure that its actually practical as I can't remember what I stamped it with but it was a lovely 9pm curfew project.

Talking of 9pm curfew projects (the time when we both put down our toys and talk to each other) I came across a piece of work I'd obviously been trying out machine stitches on and wondered what it would be like if I added hand stitches to it.  I've been pootling along with this piece for a couple of weeks now and have almost filled in the gaps between the machine stitches.  I wanted to keep to a narrow range of colours, yellow, yellow-greens as that was the colour of the machine thread.  Here it is so far I think it needs a beads, what do you think?

Thinking about this piece it has almost all the stitches on it in the TAST challenge which I hadn't realised until now. 

It's an absolutley lovely day today, sun is shining and the temperature has risen to 18C, not bad at all for February up here.  We decided to take Buster to the seaside for a romp in the sea.
Who's a happy dog then.

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