Friday, 9 March 2012

Get knitted

You may have seen the 50metre long scarf on tv.  It appeared overnight this week and is the mystery knitter(s) contribution to the 2012 Olympics.  The scarf was sewn onto the railings of Saltburn Pier and has knitted figures doing various sporting activities.  Well we decided to go and see for yourselves and we loved it.

Start of the scarf

It's a Knockout


Not sure what this is but the general opinion was audience.


Syncronised swimming heads

Syncronised swimming legs

Another Gymnast this time he has got over the box.

View along the railing, the knitted scarf stretches on and on.  These are rowers and swans.

Off your mark, another swimmer with a runner behind.

At the end a competitor with knitting needles and yarn for you to add your bit for 2012.


suzan almond said...

Love it !!! Great photos - may I please pin thi on pinterest ?

Annette J said...

By all means the work isn't mine but that of an anonymous knitter or knitters. The general feeling is that its a group of knitters but they have done a really great job and cheered everyone up.

jenclair said...

So much fun! May I use on my blog?

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Annette. Thanks for showing the pictures of this knitted project--so creative and fun!
best, nadia

jenclair said...

Annette - thanks for letting me share. I posted a link to your blog along with two pics. Bayou Quilts

Joanna said...

My last blog post was also about guerilla art! May I please re-post some of your photos on my blog (and include a link back to yours)?
thanks, Joanna

McIrish Annie said...

That's great! really love the photos you took.

jenclair said...

Annette - I've passed on the Liebster Blog Award to you. If you are interested, you can check the details on my blog, Bayou Quilts.

Julie said...

Isn't that wonderful!