Monday, 19 March 2012

Tea at the Daffy Caffy

To get to the Daffy Caffy we had to walk through Farndale one of the remotest (is that a proper word?) dales on the North York Moors.  At this time of the year Farndale is covered in daffodils (hence the name of the cafe).  Last year we went and we saw four daffs in the whole of the valley today there were a tad more but still loads to blossom yet.

 We walked out along the valley bottom beside the river and when we got in smelling distance of tea we were pleased to see this sign.

 The Daffy Caffy turned out to be a cottage in a hamlet that during the months of March and April provide food and drink for the day trippers.
 Having Buster with us we had to sit in the garden, which wasn't a hardship.
 Waiting for our bacon butty, Buster has his eye on a piece of cake someone had dropped.
 After filling our stomachs we need the facilities, which turned out to be a bit primative.
But the surroundings were beautiful.   By the time we got back to the car Keith's knees and back hurt, my feet were complaining but Buster was ready to go again.


McIrish Annie said...

Just what you needed, a nice loonng walk after those sinfully lucious looking spongecakes! They certainly spoiled you rotten.

Adore the little lamb quilt, really adorable.

Julie said...

What a lovely day out! We went up that valley a few years ago but missed the daffs by a week or so.

Your lamb quilt is beautiful, I've only just seen it.

silver george said...

this is george at the daffy caffy.
thank you for review we do have 2 other toilets covered of course.
i am open every weekend fri to sun
till the end of sept.
thanks again george. 4th may 2012