Thursday, 29 March 2012


I saw a method of creating blocks of squares where all the joins were in line and the squares even here its a way of making stamp blocks easily.  I thought I'd try it out and my results were not as good as Elizabeths by a long way.  I liked the idea of the grid but found it tedious putting all those fabric squares together but that might have been because I chose my squares to be 1".  If I'd chosen a big bigger squares things might have been different.  Having said all that I could well use the method sometime in the future.

These were samples so ignore the binding and for some reason I decided to sew along the seams, durr what was I thinking of they were better without the stitching.

I've been in a really lazy mood the last few days, I've been reading a lot and just plain getting on with chasing dust bunnies and filling the freezer with things to eat.  Also we now have drawers full of clean linen, didn't know I had three black tshirts all with bleach stains......

After my visit to see the diabetic consultant last week and the decision to change my insulin because it appears to be doing nothing I thought I really should make an effort to include a bit more exercise in my daily routine.   It lasted a couple of days, hence the purge on the house and home but I am now back to normal.  I will wait until tomorrow to see what the clinic's advice is before jumping up and down with excitement.

We did go out to Scaling Dam yesterday for a walk but because birds are nesting both on the water and on the nearby moors we had to keep Buster on his lead.  However he did get to play in the water.

We intended to walk along the banks of the dam but we couldn't move for frogs.... they were everywhere, singly, in pairs, in threesomes, mating all over the show.  Every four or five footsteps you had to hop over them.  Buster thought it was great fun until he picked one up, he spluttered, shook his head and dropped it in disgust but he didn't learn he kept on trying.  In the end we moved on to Leeholm where there is a river for him to play in and a lovely little garden centre.

While we enjoyed half a lager in the pub.

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