Friday, 24 May 2013

Wouldn't you just know it

Thank you for your kind thoughts they helped me get through this.  But wouldn't you just know it - I've been given a new date for my op.  Its the 5th June, now I'm in a quandary, do I accept it or do I decline.

I spoke to Keith's doctor yesterday who advised me to go ahead as Keith will improve and so long as he can look after himself making a simple meal ( the boys will take care of other things) he is okay to be left.

Hopefully he will come home today, the news is a bit mixed.  Physically he has returned to normal, slight weakness on the left but he can do everything he used to do.   The main problem is that there appears to have been some cognitive damage and they are less sure how much better this will get.   He favours his right side and although he is well able to use his left he forgets he has a left arm.  He was holding his Ipad when his fingers slowly opened and he dropped it because he had forgotten he had hold of it.   He can't drive, naturally but he doesn't seem to understand why he can't and is determined he will drive when he gets home.   I am looking forward to having him home again, its cold at night without him and I miss cuddles but I am also a little apprehensive.   But I'm sure we'll cope.

I did manage to get my 'crumb' cards finished but they have not as yet been posted.

I did intend to make a card using all the crumbs but decided to make crumb boats instead.

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McIrish Annie said...

Glad to hear Keith is on the mend. Now it's time for YOU to take care of YOU. Hope this bumpy portion in the road of life for you two is short lived.

btw, love the crumb boats