Sunday, 16 February 2014

Quick Update

I've not dropped out of orbit just been a bit busy.  Keith hasn't been too well recently and I had to undergo a routine colonoscopy, which thankfully proved okay.  I've been doing a few more stitch samplers, now finishing my fourth and bought fabric to start a throw for Sy & Julie's redecorated living room.  So guess I'm going to be busy.  I've also joined Kim Klassen's "Skinny Mini Ecourse" which can be found here  It's a long time since I did any serious digital work so thought I'd take a refresher.  It's a free course and looks good, why not try it yourself.   God I sound like an advert.....

Keith's gone back to bed, we went out for lunch yesterday with the family and I think its taken a lot out of him.  So I had better go and sort out the washing while he sleeps.   I will post photos tomorrow.

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Julie said...

I'm glad your colonoscopy was clear, these things are always very worrying. We are back on the merry -go-round of frequent PSA blood tests for my husband and an uncertain outcome but have everything crossed. I'm glad you were able to have a family lunch and hope that Keith felt a bit better after sleeping today.

Did anyone help with the digital Apps for your iPad? I have got Brushes, Art Set, Pen & Ink, Paper 53 and Sketchbook (pro) and I have heard that Procreate is also good for drawing. Brushes enables you to import photos from your albums as well as drawing/painting. Unfortunately I havn't used any of them much so can't give a really good critique but I bought them all as they came well recommended. None of the Apps was very expensive but Procreate is £3.99