Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Anyone else having problems

I've tried three days on the run now and have not been able to update any photos...... I can select them in blogger and they appear for selection but as soon as I say upload blogger hangs.  So guess no photos for now.  This might be crunch time for me and blogger I think its time to look for another blog site.

I've managed to catch up with my February swaps and I've been playing with EQ7 to design the new sofa throw for Julie and Sy.  Hope to cut it out this week.  I had hoped to have had it done by now but things took a turn for the bad where Keith was concerned.  He had a nasty fall on Friday which has set him back a bit. The meds he is on are making him drowsy but he is so darned independent that he puts himself in danger so I daren't leave him alone for too long.   Between the steroids and his old back problem walking is difficult for him, though he struggles manfully up and down the stairs.  Oh for a house with downstairs facilities.   He's reached the stage where community services and the Macmillan nurses have made contact, we are still managing on our own but they are putting things in place for the day when we'll need a little extra help.

We went to get his blue badge sorted out this afternoon (for those who don't know what a blue badge is, its something you put in your car window that allows you to pack in special bays nearer to shops etc - that's if they haven't been used by others).  Keith was so sure he wouldn't qualify that he's been away most of the night and I was up at 2:30am watching tv with him, then again at 5am and finally when I had to get up he went to sleep.  For those with young children, does this sound familiar?   We'll I'm having an early night and tomorrow the excitement of tidying up my sewing room begins.


Plum Cox said...

Sounds like things are pretty tough at the moment. Hope you get a good sleep soon. Sending you a hug. xx

Penny said...

Sounds tough. Have you used up all your blogger photo allowance? Once you have you pay a small amount for more. I cant remember where you go to find out, I just pay yearly automatically.