Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Difficult times

Not done much sewing just don't have the incentive at the moment.  Keith continues to be unwell with the cancer pain beginning to take its toll.  He sleeps much of the time but we did manage to get one day out when he was feeling a bit better.

We went up into Swaledale to Reeth but forgot that they are working on the roads for the Tour de France.  The direct route to Reeth was closed so we had to follow the redirection route.  I'll never complain about going up Sutton Bank again!!! The route over the moors was new to me and most of it on single track with passing places.  It was steep and tortuous with lots of Z bends over tiny brooks. Very picturesque but it tested my driving skills to the utmost.  To make matters worse when we finally got to Reeth there was no where to park.....  On the way back (a different route to the one we came on) we came across a small beck and let Buster out to enjoy the water and cool his paws.  He did not want to leave it.  There was a run-off from the fells emptying itself into the beck and Buster was fascinated by the noise it made.

By the time we got home Keith was exhausted and spent the next couple of days in bed.  Guess we won't be making too many more days out, just the odd drive when he feels up to it.

I've joined a Yahoo group called artforthecreativemind and am in the process of trying to create a steampunk paper doll.  Not done anything steampunk before so it is certainly a challenge.  I chose the group because its one-to-one swapping which at the moment I find easier to deal with (as well as cheaper on the postage).  But its very different from anything I've swapped before so we'll see what I am capable of.

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Plum Cox said...

Thinking of you both.
Good luck with the steampunk!