Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Flynn's Quiet Book

I've managed to get a couple of pages made for Flynn's Quiet Book.
 First one is a sock matching game.  As Flynn loves to help his mum unpack the washing machine I thought he'd love this one.
 When not in use the socks can be stored in the washing machine.
All ready to be paired up on the sock page.  The socks and sock page all have small magnets in them.  I found it difficult to find magnets that were strong enough to hold two layers of felt together and not so strong you needed a crowbar to part them.

 Next page is the Build a sandcastle page.  The pieces are loose so that they can be placed in any order.
And when he has finished playing with them they all go in the bucket.

The last page I've done for now is a shape matching one, I've left one of the sides open so the pieces can be stored.

There are lots of these books out there on the web but I particularly liked the free patterns from  This lady has some seriously cool pages and I shall be using some more of her pages as well as one or two of my own.  I have yet to think of a way to put these pages together, most of those I've seen involve ring folders or the rings like those in folders.  A few years ago I did an on-line course with Maggie Smith and created a folder to show off different edges.

It comprised of canvas pages with button holes at intervals along the edge through which I threaded a handmade fabric strip ending in a loop.  The loops were then wrapped round wrapped sticks to hold in place.  It has proved to be very effective and you can add and remove pages without nipping your fingers in the ring binder.  Flynn's folder will be different but I'll probably use the button hold method to hold the pages together.  Now onto the next page, hmm shall it be a puzzle, build your own burger, five monkeys jumping on a bed or......


PaulineC said...

Fabulous books Annette and thanks for the link.

McMom said...

Great pages! Love the magnet concept. Where did you find sone/what brand did you choose?