Saturday, 3 May 2014

Another Page for the Quiet Book

Finished the fire engine with lift off ladder, cone and axe and a hose pipe that sticks to the velcro patch so it can be played with.  Plus a "Buster" to drive the engine, just hope he likes it.  

Missed the Embroidery Guild meeting today which I am sure I would have enjoyed very much.  Sandra Wallace was giving a talk about colour, stitch and beads.  I'm sure it will have been a great talk but unfortunately Keith still isn't well enough to leave for more than a couple of hours.  His pain is beginning to make itself felt now and the strong pain killers make him sleepy.  He spends most of the day in bed asleep but if he wants to get up to make a bathroom trip or to come downstairs he is too unsteady to do it alone.  We've had these up/down days before and hopefully it won't be too long before we once again have a handle on his pain and he will join in the fun.  He has been enrolled in the 'Falls Clinic' and has his first meeting next Friday.  Apparently they all have a laugh together so it should be good for him to get some company other than mine and the boys.

Still it has given me some sewing time and a lovely lady from the Yahoo BQLPC group (called Pauline) sent me a pattern for a different type of Quiet Book.  I've decided to use some of those pages and have made a start on them.  More pics next time.

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