Friday, 16 May 2014

Move to Hospice

The hospital have now done all they can for the acute medical problems Keith has experience but it is now time for him to be discharged.  He is still confused, mainly when he is tired, and still trying to get out of bed but just doesn't have the strength.  Having said that the staff looked in on him the other morning to find that he had found the bed control and stood his bed up, his feet were sticking out of the bottom.  After that they locked the controls.  He was a bit disturbed because he said he didn't think it was right his going out with 18 or 19 year old girls, he just didn't have the strength for them.  The nurses were trying to get him dressed, he thought they had designs on his body - now that's wishful thinking.  And as his consultant said "a man thing".

He has been transferred to the local hospital, which is a lovely old house, a bit higgledy piggledy but homely and they even gave him a beer tonight.  Pity he was too tired to drink it but the thought was there.  He can stay here for the next two weeks in the hope of regaining some strength after that the decision has to be taken as to whether he is able to come home or remain in care for what time he has left.

I am going to stay with him over the weekend as staffing levels are low so I am hoping to get some more hand sewing done.  I really must take a photo so you can see what I am doing.


Penny said...

Not sure what to say except I am thinking of you.

Living to work - working to live said...

I love the fact that the nursing staff gave him a beer. So thoughtful. Xx

PaulineC said...

Also thinking of you. Lots of hugs. xxx

Julie said...

Annette, I am so very sorry to hear how things have progressed for you and Keith. I have been thinking about you but hadn't got to checking out my blog links. I am glad that Keith is safe and being cared for and that you are finding comfort in some stitching. It is a very calming support in difficult times. xx