Saturday, 31 May 2014

May Lamb swap

My May lambs, as I said in the last post have been rehoused with my family.  They watched me sew them as I sat with Keith and they have taken on a significance I never intended when starting to sew them.  So I will now restart the project this weekend and hopefully post them next week.  In the meantime here are the swaps I have received, my flock of woolly jumpers: -
From Alice, love the fleece embellished background, very typical of my local area too.  

Top card from Helen and the bottom one from Pauline.  I just love the humour in these cards, they made me smile - thank you ladies.

The last two are from (top) Jacquie and (bottom) Miriam.  Both have made good use of fabric.  Jacquie has created a background from prints, don't think I've every seen a print with sheep on before.  And Miriam's sheep are enhanced with stitch, another great fabric.

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