Sunday, 4 May 2014

Steam Punk Doll

Way out of my comfort zone this one but only because I haven't done this sort of work for some time.  Soon got into the stride though and here she is - Myst Tyeke:-

She's made from pelmet vilene.;  some I had used to mop up dyes etc.  I cut a corset for her from the same piece and added laces, metal belt and lace edging.   I painted, sewed and embossed the bottom half to give it a more metallic look.  I admit I am not into steam punk, which I take to be an engineering version of punk/goth.

I am sadly lacking in cog wheels or anything else mechanical to adorn her but I found an old watch and took it to pieces in the hope I would find some cogs.  I was sadly disappointed; it was a battery operated watch and just didn't have any cogs. It should have been obvious to me that it went on electric pulse rather than mechanics duhhhh.  But I did find a die cut with cogs on in our local garden centre and now she has a cogwheel hair cut.  I'm afraid that's my only steam punk bit, just hope my partner isn't too disappointed with her.

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