Monday, 26 May 2014

Almost there

Almost there, the business side of things are mostly sorted now, just the odds and sods remain but they can wait a day or two.  It's been a difficult few days but Keith was always the optimist and didn't believe in dwelling on things too much and as a family we've tried to live up to his expectations.   The funeral is arranged for Friday and it will be as Keith wished a humanist service.  We meet with the humanist speaker tomorrow to talk about Keith.  The service will be a  celebration of his life, about how much he enjoyed life, his interests and how much he loved his family.  

Music for the service has been a bit of a nightmare as Keith's favourite songs were Snoopy and the Red Baron, Harper Valley PTA, The Israelites, Hey Jude and Rock Island Line. His leaning was very definitely towards the 60's and he liked something you could sing along to.  Keith had a terrible voice, totally tuneless and he loved to sing loudly in the car while driving and I would join in. That's a memory that will always make me smile.  

We all got together and have come up with three we knew he enjoyed and we thought suitable for the occasion.  So its going to be Bob Marley's Don't Worry,(which the boys inform me is actually called Three Little Birds), The Troggs Love is all Around You and naturally Hey Jude. 

I am almost there with the woolly jumpers too.  Got three to sew onto backgrounds and do the finishing up bits but they are beginning to come together. I must apologise for the blue colouring, the lid of the scanner wouldn't close properly as they are a bit thicker than paper so the light seeped round the sides.

Three are still in the slip form but have already been allocated to family members who, like me, don't want to let the go.
One finished and one to have eyes added.  I want to give them all slightly different expressions and may add glasses to one or two.  The one on the right, with the eyes, will belong to Alix who has named her Ermintrude.  The pink one above will belong to Julie and my sister wants one of the orange ones, one will go to St Teresa's Hospice and  I will keep what's left.  Then all I have to do is make another five for the swap but they won't be full of French knots like the five above.


PaulineC said...

It sounds as if Keith was a wonderful man. We had humanist services for both of my parents. They were lovely services so much more personal than religious ones. Hope it all goes as well as possible.

Stitchinscience said...

I am so glad to read that you have plans for such a lovely celebration of Keith's life. I hope you all enjoy sharing those memories.

Julie said...

I had a humanist service for my husband in 1996 and it was a great celebration as yours will be. My husband wanted a Troggs song at his funeral (he always said he would go first) but I forgot which one so I chose Hi Ho Silver Lining (You're everywhere and nowhere baby), a piece of classical music that was special (Delibes Flower Song) and You'll Never Walk Alone, even though he was a Nottingham Forest supporter ;-)

I hope your memories comfort you and bring smiles and laughter as you celebrate your lovely man's life xx