Monday, 12 May 2014

Still Difficult Times

The doctors have got Keith's confusion under control and he is now the quiet, peaceful man I have lived with for the past 44 years.  However it looks like he is nearing the end.  They are still pumping lots of antibiotics and fluids into him via tubes as he cannot swallow.  He can answer questions with simple yes/no answers and tell you when he is in pain or needs something else.  But his answers are mumbled as his tongue muscles are weak and he just doesn't have any strength left;  all that fighting seems to have taken it out of him.

Today I await the consultant and MacMillan nurses assessment but it looks quite bleak and I may not get my love back home again.  But you never know, he is still a determined man.


Living to work - working to live said...

Annette, I don't know you or Keith, other than here, but I feel for you both. You are brave to document it here. I hope blogging helps. Xxx

PaulineC said...

I hope Keith gets enough strength back to go home again. I feel so sad for you both. Hugs xxx